Steve Howie Design & Build pride ourselves that we can see a project through from start to finish, because we have our own build and fit division to bring our designs to life!

The services we provide for both housing (renovations, extensions and new builds) and the hospitality industry, include:

  • Consultation & Surveying
  • AutoCAD designed interiors; plans and elevations
  • AutoCAD designed exterior elevations & Signage
  • 3D Modelling images
  • Planning application submission
  • Building control
  • LED lighting specialists
  • Presentation & sample boards
  • Bespoke furniture
  • Own build & fit team
  • Design implementation


How we work

We design and build your project from start to completion, literally giving you a key at the end.

You pay a design fee and if you let us build your project, it is then credited and used as part of the actual building works deposit and thus the design becomes free.

If you are happy with the general idea, we will arrange for a visit to your home and complete a basic design brief.

We then ask you to sign a small one page agreement and we invoice you for the upfront design fee.

Then within five days of the design fee being paid, a measured survey of the house is done and drawn up at our office.

This where the fun starts! A couple of new design layouts are produced based on your requirements and are posted to you, along with an email copy. We like to think outside the box, so often you get an extra layout with a different feel to it!

We wait for your comments and any changes you may want to make. You can email, ring or post a plan back to us with your notes on them in a provided envelope. If needed we will adjust the plans and provide you with 3D internal and external computer visuals that give you an exact idea of what your completed product will look like.

At this stage, we will give you a detailed cost summary of the building work, along with any options you may want.

Once the contract build is agreed, we will confirm your job start and completion date.

You pay the 50% deposit (unless it is a very large project) plus VAT and the balance are split into weekly payments , so if the project  is ten weeks then there are ten payments.

All through your contract a dedicated project manager runs the site and liaises with you on a weekly basis.

Design and Build means you only have to only deal with one person throughout the contract.